Irun is celebrating the centennial of the singer Luis Mariano and presents cultural programming at Fitur 2014, close to Hondarribia Blues Festival


logo Luis Mariano centenario

The birthplace of singer Luis Mariano, Irun, will honor the centenary of his birth with a cultural program .

Public hearings, a competition of pintxos, the organization of themed menus with chefs, screenings of his films also during the summer with outdoor cinema, choreographed dance competitions with songs Luis Mariano, popular karaoke, international singing competition, an exhibition of his personal objects, a popular macro concert, a biographical and staged show … Even the bars and clubs of the town will have a re -mix of the singer. All Irun dump this centenary will be presented at FITUR 2014.






Luis Marinao_Violetas imperiales


In addition, Hondarribia also will present at the International Tourism Fair of Madrid news of Blues Festival in the town.

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