The best parties this summer 2013 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zarautz, Hondarribia and Irun

The “txupinazo” will be responsible to start several days of festivities in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Hondarribia and Irun.

What are you waiting to live the most important holidays?

Irun: August 3 (Euskal Jira)

The first Saturday in August Irun celebrating the “Euskal Jira”, with a parade and a few events throughout the day, from photo contest until “txalaparta” in different parts of the city. On Friday at 23.00 there will be a performance by the band Irun City “Euskal Jira Festival” in the “Plaza del Ensanche”.

 Euskal jira_ Irun 2013

Vitoria-Gasteiz: August 4 to 9 (Fiestas de la Virgen Blanca)

Celedon Falling from the bell tower of San Miguel to “Plaza de la Virgen Blanca” is the kick off five days of celebration throughout the city. Concerts, fireworks, heifers and bull fights, blusas and neskas crews through the streets … These and more activities will take place until, at one in the morning of August 10, Celedon firing up again to the bell tower from fireworks.

 Cartel-Fiestas-Vitoria 2013

Donostia-San Sebastian: 10 to 17 August (Big Week)

The cannon is the starting point to the Great Week Sebastian in the garden Alberdi at 19:00. The fireworks competition is the most important part of the seven days of parties, from the beach of La Concha and an ice cream in hand you can see the best fireworks display. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the International Fireworks Competition in San Sebastian.

 Cartel- fiestas San Sebastian 2013

Zarautz: 14-15-16 August (celebrations of the Virgin) 

They celebrate the festival of the patron of the parish of Zarautz, Santa María la Real. Locals and visitors enjoy boat races, fireworks, concerts … The two-kilometer beach is the biggest attraction to enjoy all the activities around their parties.

 Euskal Jaia/Zarauz/09-09-2010/LUSA

Bilbao: August 17 to 25 (Great Week)

For nine days occurs Great Week-Semana Grande. The Council organizes cultural activities such as concerts, plays and bullfights. With the launch of txupinazo out onto the balcony “Marijaia”, a doll with arms raised to be burned on the last day of the holidays.

 cartel-aste-nagusia- Bilbao-2013

Hondarribia: September 6 to 11 (in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe)

From the balcony of City Hall launches at 11.00 h the announcer txupinazo bull run for youngsters. The most important of the celebrations is the boast of September 8. The vow renewal was made to the Virgin of Guadalupe in gratitude for the liberation of the siege of the city.

Hondarribia. Alarde. F. de la Hera

 Do not let them miss out and live it!

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