Sens Irun receives the “Revitalization Award of Commercial Urban Environments” in the Commerce Awards of the Basque Government 2012

Sens Irun receives the “Revitalization Award of Commercial Urban Environments” of basque Commerce and Tourism 2012 awards, which were presented at the Museum Cristobal Balenciaga (Getaria / Gipuzkoa).

A group of traders, restaurants, trade associations and the city of Irun, has designed for tourists and visitors to the city, some routes passing through the main shopping streets of Irun. Led by a guide and with a duration of two hours, it could visit the areas of greatest historical and cultural value of the city, collated with visits to various shops and hotel located in the path of the routes.

In this way, it is intended to capture the cultural and gastronomic tourism, and direct it to boost trade in the city, constituting an example of the union of interests between trade and tourism for the revitalization of consumption and projected trade dress a city.

The Minister of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government, Bernabé Unda, chaired the event, which confirmed their presence well represented in these two sectors, which together represent almost 17% of Basque GDP.


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