Kutxa Entrega is one of Hondarribia’s oldest traditions

It is celebrated every year on St. James' day

On 25 July, St. James’ day, one of the most important traditions of Hondarribia is celebrated. The Kutxa Entrega is the annual ceremony for the transfer of powers of St. Peter’s Fishermen’s Guild. The highlight is a procession in which a young girl is the centre of attention, where the guild leaders and the boats’ skippers are escorted by the oarsmen to the guild’s premises.

The girl, who wears the Kutxa (a box symbolising the guild’s patrimony, which includes their manuscripts, fortune and property) on her head, is at the centre of an arc formed by the oarsmen with their great oars. There, with the Kutxa on her head, held in place with a white shawl, she must turn around as many times as she can, because the tradition dictates that the number of times she turns will determine the success of that year’s catch.