Donsotia / San Sebastian awaits you with 15 different plans

The Capital of Guipuzcoana invites you to live this summer enjoying activities for all tastes

This summer is the perfect time to enjoy destinations like Donostia / San Sebastian. That’s why the Capital of Guipuzcoana presents you with 15 different ways to make this 2020 an unforgettable year.
It is time to explore with awareness everything around us, to appreciate the little things and to enjoy all plans or activities in good company. If you are Donostiarra as if you come to visit us for one day, Donostia is a paradise that we invite you to (re)discover!

From the best shopping to the Belle Epoque donostiarra, sports, culture and well-being. Everything has a place in these months when the beauty of a city like Donostia is waiting for you.