Let the drums sound for St. Sebastian’s Day!

Every 20th of January Donostia / San Sebastian dresses up as a party to celebrate the day his patron by drumbeat.

The party starts at 00:00 in the Plaza de la Constitución with the hoisting of the city’s flag. That’s when the Gaztelubide Society and the representatives of other drummers begin performing Sarriegui’s melodies, which will sound in the city throughout the day.

The story began in 1836 as one of the comparsas of the Donostiarra carnival; soon it began to take as a tradition to celebrate the patron walking the streets of San Sebastian. Initially, the participants were disguised, but later uniformed as the military in the city. The first uniforms used reproduced those of the Guipuzcoan battalions that intervened in the Revolutionary War and had a French style of military dress. As the number of participants in the drum was expanded, other companies with other uniforms were entered.

The music is guaranteed from that moment on. A party that is lived on the street with the more than 125 companies (consisting of 20-50 drums and 50-100 barrels, accompanied by a band of bands, standard-bearers and bartenders). In addition, you can taste the famous pintxos in its bars and enjoy the city. The end of the 20th will mark it, at 24.00 hours, the drummed Union Artesana that will fly the flag. An exciting time for the congregated in the square.

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