A unique living Bethlehem

Everything is ready for this coming Saturday, December 28 at 19 hours the walls of Hondarribia will take in the traditional living Bethlehem that has been developing in the village since 1965.

About 65 volunteers of all ages and gathered in the gardens of Gernikako Arbola bring to life arrantzales, baseritarras and kaletarras in a magical environment composed of cottages and replicas of Hondarribia buildings. It is one of the most beautiful traditions of Hondarribia and is an endearing event that is also a unique opportunity to enjoy a true Christmas representation where the most emblematic customs of the Basque Country meet.

The hondarribiarras wait every year this moment and, undoubtedly, it is one of the events that also attracts the attention of many foreigners also called for the beauty of the city itself and its Historic Center. In addition, the next 5th is also celebrated worship in the living Bethlehem.