The Iron Route of the Pyrenees arrives in Irun

The Roman Museum Oiasso hosts the traveling exhibition Pirinioetako Burdinaren Bidea- The Iron Route of the Pyrenees, which can be visited until October 20

It arrives from Zerain and after passing through places such as Arditurri, Lepazpi, Agorregi, Errenteria, Beasain, Eibar, but also by Alins, Pays de Nay, Terassa, Andorra… And he has no intention of stopping, as after passing through Irun he will travel to Mutiloa and Zumalakarrei in Ormaiztegi.

It is the traveling exhibition “Pirinioetako Burdinaren Bidea- The Iron Route of the Pyrenees” and until October 20 can be visited in the Roman Museum Oiasso. The Iron Route of the Pyrenees is an itinerary that runs through different places in Occitania, Andorra, Catalonia and the Basque Country where you can enjoy the rich industrial heritage bequeathed by steel activities. The itinerary has been included in the European Network of Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe.

The mining environment of Irugurutzeta is part of the itinerary since the integration of the Town Hall of Irun into the association of the “Iron Route of the Pyrenees” in 2018.