San Sebastian receives the Innovation and Sustainability Award from the World Tourism Organization

The proposal "Love San Sebastian. Live Donostia" has won the award at the gala organized by the highest tourism body at the United Nations.

The meeting was in St. Petesburg, and until there a Donostiarra delegation attended with his proposal “Love San Sebastian. Live Donostia”, which was a finalist for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) award for “Sustainability and Innovation in Public Policy and Governance”. Well, the expedition could not get a better result, since they returned with the prize that was interned at the gala organized by the highest between Tourism at the United Nations.

The mayor, Eneko Goia, was proud of the award. “The award given by the world’s top tourism authority recognizes, supports and consolidates the commitment we are making from Donostia, seeking a way to support a growing activity worldwide such as tourism with the we need not to lose our identity traits as a city and take care of those who inhabit it all year round.”

“Love San Sebastian. Live Donostia” collects the challenges and objectives set by the Donostia Tourism Master Plan 2017-2021, which responds to the change in the city’s priorities agenda in the management and promotion of the destination. A project that aims to promote complicity and understanding between the city and its visitors, and to promote the concept of tourism through an initiative that bets “for an open, welcoming and hospitable city, and responsible and respectful tourism”.