‘Dantza ‘ on Saturday in Hondarribia, with the participation of Telmo Esnal and Juan Antonio Urbeltz in the subsequent Colloquium

On Saturday at 20:00 hours Itsas Etxea Auditorium will host the broadcast of the film ' Dantza’.

A story about the cycle of life and death, of the struggle for survival. Where the passage of time is marked by the course of nature. And dance is the language chosen to tell. Music accompanies everyday routines; Life is Rhythm!

Universal themes, dressed here with a particular symbology. Which represents the hypnotic universe of traditional dances. A poetic chant to the tradition, to the Earth, to its people, myths and customs. A story about the miracle of existence.

The presentation will be in charge of the director Telmo Esnal, and the choreographer of the film and known anthropologist and folklorist Juan Antonio Urbeltz. Both will also lead the symposium at the end of the broadcast. Tickets are sold to 4 euros for the usual channels.