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ABC. The alphabet of the Bilbao



Besides the permanent collection, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum organizes a major programme of temporary exhibitions. To mark its 110th anniversary the museum is now presenting the exhibition ABC. The alphabet of the Bilbao Museum curated by the writer Kirmen Uribe. This is an unprecedented type of exhibition which will occupy the entire Old Building, Rooms 1 to 31, following the major redesign of its interior space undertaken in the past few months.
The exhibition’s starting point is an original idea through which the museum is intending to combine the remodeling of its galleries with a new form of presenting the collection to visitors, resulting in a new way of seeing them. With this aim in mind the traditional criteria for displaying works – chronologically or through schools of art and artists – have been replaced by an extended alphabet that includes 26 letters plus the “ñ” and the “ll” used in Spanish and the Basque digraphs “ts”, “tx” and “tz”.