Alicante and Valencia test the pintxos of Hondarribia

tizon-y-soutoThe popular pintxos of Hondarribia are found today in Denia (Alicante) and Alcira (Valencia).

Gorka Souto, from Sardara, and Iñigo Tizón, from Gran Sol, are during today and tomorrow, February 6 and 7, in these localities offering their premium bars and pintxos. Souto, champion, and Tizón, runner-up of the last Pintxos Amstel Gold Championship – Euskal Herriko Pintxo Txapelketa held in October at the Kursaal Palace in San Sebastián, will display their culinary art in the master class of this professional meeting.

The aim is to convey the philosophy of Basque pintxos bars and miniature cuisine, explaining the basic principles of management, selection and construction of cold pintxos bars and their different slopes. In the show cooking part, they will make their main Premium pintxos.

Souto will present “Barbalada”: which won the Gipuzkoa prize for codfish, the most aesthetic pint in the Euskal Herria and also the absolute prize in the contest held in the Kursaal.

On the other hand, Tizón will cook “Ingot of duck to the orange”, based on traditional cuisine, careful and of product, looking for that the flavors take us to memories and that they have touch and presence of cooks of author.

In this event they will share cooks with other chefs like Kiko Moya of the restaurant L’Escaleta of Concentaina in Alicante with two Michelin stars; Alberto Ferruz from the BonAmb restaurant in Jávea in Alicante also with two Michelin stars, Fran Martínez from the restaurant Maralda de Almansa in Albacete from a Michelin star, among other renowned professionals.



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