Label Basque Fest 2016 in Zarautz this Friday and Saturday

zarautz-basque-fest-2016Eusko Label Product in Zarautz. Friday and Saturday have the opportunity to enjoy the festival Eusko Label product in Zarautz, where you can taste them and also participate in the many organized activities.


Is not a good plan?


Friday, September 23


Semifinal Popular Contest Sidras of Euskal Herria with a dinner with Eusko Label products and 12 ciders tasting.

Zarautz market.

Saturday, September 24

8.00 h

Breakfast with Eusko Label products at participating hotels.

11.30 h

Taste “Enjoy tasting Quality and Origin Euskadi” by Mikel Garaizabal.

Zarautz market.

12.00-14.00 h

Presentation and tasting of pintxos and dishes with Eusko Label products.

13.00-15.00 h

Eusko Label menu with products in Itxaslor Taberna, Kirkilla Enea Jatetxea and Txiki Polit tavern.

17.30 h

Theatrical performance for young audiences (3-6 years) “Baserrian amets”

19.00 h

Championship “Kintopekos”

Pintxos Eusko Label products.

22.30-01.30 h

Verbena in Musika square with Joxe Mendizabal.


More information:

Zarautz Turismo

2016 Basque Label Fest Zarautz Programme

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