Euskal Astea 2016 Basque Week in Zarautz. Taste pintxo Toldotxo

Euskal Astea 2016Pure tradition. Zarautz lives these days and until Friday September 9 “Euskal Astea Basque Week 2016”.

Its complete program includes dinner bertsolari performances, concerts by local groups, race for the Basque language (euskara), dance contest for couples, popular food, parades, giants, big heads with trikitilaris, pilgrimage, music for children and inflatables. The representation of personal of the time through the streets (txistularis, trikitilaris, dulzaineros and tuntturros of Ituren), the ball game, rural sports, theater, competition cars “small floats” … also happen Zarautz also account for these days. There is a txoznas area.

To enjoy the Euskal Astea 2016, check the schedule. Basque Week 2016

 Euskal Jaiak Zarautz


Toldotxo, the pintxo of Zarautz

Must on your visit to Zarautz taste Toldotxo. The pintxo flavored sea and beach represents the best of the local gastronomy. It is designed by the chef Karlos Arguiñano.

You can taste in:

– bar Txiki Polit – hotel Alameda – bar Iruña – bar Joe – bar Euskalduna – bar Itxaslur – restaurante Karlos Arguiñano

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