‘Pintxos 2015’, the book Pintxos Championship of Euskal Herria, chooses to be the best book of world cuisine

HQ Portada 553x375‘Pintxos 2015’, the book of the latest edition of the Championship of Euskal Herria Pintxos organized in Hondarribia, could become the winner of the world of culinary publications. It has passed the first classification and has been located in the trifecta of winners in the category of thematic books, including books representing 209 countries.

We will have to wait until May to see the final result in Gourmand Best in the world of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, to be held in Yantai (China), from 28 to 31 this month.

“Pintxos 2015” is published by the Hotel Management Association of Hondarribia, organizer Championship Pintxos Amstel Gold – Euskal Herriko Pintxo Txapelketa, and includes in its 224 pages recipes and photographs of chefs and pintxos of all Basque Country and Navarra, who took part in the ninth edition of the event.

“Pintxos 2015” also includes an interesting photographic report with the significant moments of the contest. The moments of tension and waiting for the cooks, the preparation of pintxos, details of conversations and relaxed moments, awards, joy … instant completing a publication that goes beyond a cookbook and is a summary of everything happened in the championship held in Hondarribia.

This publication is available at the official online store in the contest: in www.campeonatodepintxos.com/tienda.

Rivals “Pintxos 2015” in its category were the following books:

  • Bélgica. Het spaghetti bolognese book, Filipino Jan’s (Manteau).
  • Canadá. Happy hens and fresh eggs, Signe Langford (Douglas McIntyre).
  • Soups (CHLIP).
  • Flowers cookbook, Jana Vkova (Smart Press).
  • Puuronirja, Tiia Koskimies, (Minerva).
  • Le quinoa, (Quae).
  • Sauen (Heel).
  • Japón. From toothpicks to the world, Osamu Inaba (Koeisha).
  • México. Los chiles nativos de Mexico, R Munoz Zurita (El Equilibrista).
  • Perú. El Camarón, Blanca Chávez (USMP).
  • Esmorzars de Forquilla, Sergi de Meia (Comanegra).
  • Rok Johan Akerborg (Nordstedts).
  • Estados Unidos. Empanadas, Sandra Gutierrez (STC).

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