Euskal Jai Eguna – Basque Festival 2015

EUSKAL-ASTEA-2015Zarautz’s streets are filled with festive atmosphere, this year again around this date, in the popular festivity where Basque culture and traditions are exalted.

Next Wednesday, September 9, the known Euskal Jai Eguna (Great Day of the Basque Week) is held as culmination of a week filled with a lot of activities organized for this Euskal Astea (Zarautz’s Basque Week) that it comes feasting since last September 2.
Following ancient customs, the 9th will begin with the release of Goiztarrak group (8.00 a.m.) representing characters from that time on the streets. Additionally, these are some of the activities that have been organized for this day: Txistularis, trikitilaris, dultzaineros and Tunturros, religious mass sung by Zarautz Abesbatza (10.30 a.m.), Basque pelota, rural sports and bertsolariak, play “Sustraiak” by Alproja Taldea (12.00) and kalejira from the Musika Plaza to Iñurritza (17.30 p.m.), followed by the popular pilgrimage in Iñurritza which will run throughout the afternoon.
Within programming there will be concerts of different groups like Ez Aurkeztuak, Pottors ta Klito, Arrutiko Intxaurrak and Mor More.

Check the program of activities organized around the Euskal Astea – Basque Week:
Program EUSKAL ASTEA 2015

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