Rompeolas Festival in San Sebastián on 23, 24 and 25 May

The fifth edition of the Cultural Festival Olatu Talka / Rompeolas flood the city of San Sebastián over 250 activities during this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (23,24 and 25 May 2014).

It is “an amateur festival that focuses on participation and sharing culture and knowledge; invites us, through culture, to transform society”, point from the organization.
The six main thematic blocks that make up the program are: music (Talkalive); gastronomy and diversity (Sukaldanitzak); new technologies (Hackathon); Urbanism (Haurbanistak); Infusions, ie collaborations between professionals and amateurs; and mobility (Ziklobia).

Also, programming accommodates a number of other subject areas that are anchored in specific places: movies (Espacio 2016), performing arts (Reyes Católicos), workshops and markets (square Bilbao), communication (square Okendo), sport (Plaza Catalunya/Sagüés), solidarity (square Cervantes) and fine arts (square Gipuzkoa).

Olatu Talka / Rompeolas is one of the initiatives of the cultural project that the city has managed to become European Capital of Culture 2016 and born to reflect the citizen energy and begin to imagine 2016.

Promotional video

Imagen video promocional-Olatu Talka 2014

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