Films and songs of Luis Mariano on the centenary of his birth in Irun


Luis Mariano Programa de actividades

Starts in Irun the program of activities to mark the centenary of the birth of popular actor and singer Luis Mariano, considered the Prince of Operetta.










Cycle auditions

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Conference Room, Amaia KZ


On Wednesday, March 5, the Conference Room of the CC Amaia will be an Auditorium to listen and discover songs and unpublished photographs of the Prince of Operetta.

Possessing a vast repertoire close to 2.000 songs, during one hour from 19:00, you can enjoy your wonderful voice and presence through several unique photographs of the artist’s life.


El sueño de Andalucia

Film series, Luis Mariano movie.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amaia KZ

‘El sueño de Andalucía’ (1950), Luis Lucia

A day later, on Thursday, March 6th will enjoy the screening of the film ‘El sueño de Andalucía’ (1950), with Luis Mariano, Carmen Sevilla, Jose Nieto, Antonio Casal, Maruja Diaz and Enrique Guitart.



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