The pintxos of Gaztelumendi – Antxon restaurant in Irun across borders

Pintxos gaztelumendi

Ángela Basabe and Félix Manso, from restaurant Gaztelumendi – Antxon of Irun, took part in the congress Expo’Hôtel, run by chef Philippe Etchebest and held in Bordeaux, with the participation of leading names in French and Basque cuisine.


Presenting your pintxos ‘The Living Forest‘, which was runner-up in VIII Campeonato de Euskal Herria de Pintxos 2013 and finalist in IX Concurso Nacional de Tapas y Pinchos held in Valladolid, and two plates in various presentations and roundtable were a major media success and participation.


On the other hand, also they gave a demonstration of an appetizer as ‘Bonbon of foie‘ and the plate ‘Pintxo and bocatit of seafood ‘ a paper of rice, nori seaweed powder and shrimp, mussels, cockles and squid with caviar citric who knew how to captivate the attendees of this conference.


Expo’Hôtel is run by Philippe Etchebest two Michelin stars and protagonist of space “Nightmare in the Kitchen” on channel M6 French TV .



Plaza San Juan, 3

T_943 630 512

20304 Irun(Gipuzkoa)



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