Cyclist Tour Euroziklo-Eurovelo 1 this Sunday, September 29



Those who like to enjoy nature on the bike have the opportunity to tour this Sunday on September 29, 2013, a section of the route Euroziklo, connecting Guéthary in the Basque Country and Bertiz Natural Park in Navarra .


Euroziklo is the best route for discovering by bike where they join Gipuzkoa, Navarra and the French Basque Country. A cross-border route landscapes combining the two banks of the river Bidasoa, the intense blue of the sea and the green of the mountain, and to discover new destinations on pedals. Beaches, streams, mountains and even accompany the rider Parks during the tour with stops in an important cultural heritage and exceptional cuisine.


For the Cyclist Tour Euroziklo-Eurovelo 1 this Sunday, have designed several routes:

Adults trip_42 km_Irun (Behobia) – Bertiz Natural Park (registration)



Family trip_15 km_Sunbilla – Bertiz Natural Park (registration)



Family trip _7 km_Irun (Behobia) – Endarlatsa (without registration)

In Endarlatsa concentrates animation for Cyclist Tour Euroziklo. Here, a canopy Euroziklo project informative promotional material and also held the European Cooperation Day 2013, where the Working Community of the Pyrenees (CTP), as the managing authority of the program of international cooperation Spain France Andorra (POCTEFA) associated with the event. The CTP invites you to rest and regain strength before embarking on the way back with animation for children and adults with tasting of regional products, games for children on issues related to the border, cooperation and languages, and an information stand on European cooperation.


More information:

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