Live the Story. Event schedule Bicentennial of the Battle of Vitoria. June 2013

portada programa bicentenario

Two hundred years ago the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz was the scene of a decisive military confrontation in the course of European history. French troops escorting Joseph Bonaparte in his escape and the conglomerate of British troops, Spanish and Portuguese under the command of the Duke of Wellington and General Alava fought on the outskirts of Vitoria. The allies were victorious which caused the final withdrawal of French troops from Spain and forced Napoleon to return the country’s crown to Fernando VII, ending five years of occupation.

A very important historical event which this year celebrates its bicentennial. The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz and Araba/Álava celebrate with a full program of activities with exhibitions, concerts and performances, courses, conferences and lectures, guided tours and children’s activities.

Datebook on the agenda and the weekend 21 to 23 June, 2013, approach to live Vitoria history.

Don’t miss the reenactment of the Battle of Vitoria with the participation of 400 people, dressed and armed as in the time during these days and June 22, at 22.00, dramatized recreation of the events in the Square Virgen Blanca.

Here you can find the full program.Brochure

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