Tour Guides


Kalearte, tourism and culture. Our constants worries for offering an avant-garde product and recognising the quality value and well done work, a new concept has born; agile, dynamic and interactive, for being able to plan, consult or create any type of guided tour, escorted tour or event with complete calm to know that behind the customer you will find out a professional employee working enthusiastically on your project. Due to the professionalism and big ability of Kalearte in the sector of tourism, we will promote synergies and innovated educational initiatives directed to invigorate and to promote the tourism and cultures in the Basque Country.

Kalearte, a heterogeneous professional team who loves its job and dedicates completely into each project, guided tour, event… a company characterised by its effort in the big and small projects.

A team in continuous improvement, which guarantees the highest quality levels in humanity and professionalism.