Hondarribia - Irun

The Irugurutzeta furnaces

Hornos Irugurutzeta 02

The Irugurutzeta Mining Region Visitors’ Centre, located in what is currently the silo-warehouse, will provide an audio-visual explanation of the mining activities carried out in Irugurutzeta in order to provide a more detailed account of Irun’s mining history.

The centre will also serve as the starting point for the visit to the furnaces, in order to ensure that visitors gain a full understanding of the industrial process involved in their working.

Furthermore, a raised walkway over the Irugurutzeta irrigation channel leads to a mining gallery where visitors can see a recreation of the mineral extraction process. For the more adventurous, the route can be extended all the way along the narrow valley to the Aiztondo mining reserve and Meatxipieta gorge.

Today, this route is signposted as a Sendero Local (SL) hiking path by the Aiako Harria Nature Reserve and Gipuzkoa Mountain Federation.