San Sebastian

Chillida Leku – Zabalaga


Zabalaga is not only a Museum designed to exhibit works of art, but is also another sculpture by Chillida, just like “Elogio del horizonte” in Gijón or his project on Mount Tindaya in Fuerteventura.

The country house which houses the collection is located 5 km from San Sebastián, on the border with Hernani.

Inside the country house there is a major selection of 110 small format works in different materials such as alabaster, granite, iron, plaster, etc., as well as murals, collages, and so on.

Zabalaga, which has a 12-hectare garden with magnificent wooded areas, has been converted into an open-air Museum to exhibit the collection kept for many years by Chillida himself so that it could be viewed in the area where he was born.