The Old Quarter of Bilbao (Casco Viejo de Bilbao)

Casco Viejo

At the very heart of the Casco Viejo [Old Town] are its traditional Siete Calles or Seven Streets.

Somera is at the head of the list as the first, Artecalle is the second, Tendería the third, Belosticalle the fourth, and Carnicería Vieja the fifth (it owes its name [Old Butcher’s] to its being the site of the city’s first slaughter). Then there is the sixth, Barrencalle, and finally the seventh, Barrencalle Barrena.

Along this latticework of streets lined with shops and stores, and declared a Historical-Artistic Monument, you will not only find beautiful frontages and urban palaces, but also real architectural gems from different centuries.