Hondarribia - Irun

Rural Carnival

February (Irun)

Also known as Baserriz-Baserri, this Carnival visits the hamlets and rural houses of Irun on the Saturday after the tinkers’ Saturday. Several cultural associations and associations of Irun organise groups of dantzaris and go out into the surrounding countryside.

The girls wear the typical regional dress of poxpoliña, decorating the sleeves of their shirts with red and blue tapes that form a zigzag, and sewing bells to their skirts. The boys will wear white shirts and white trousers, decorating their trousers with red and blue tape forming diamond shapes. They will also wear a red beret and sash. Finally they will wear a patterned handkerchief tied at the neck.

Boys and girls will dance the traditional fandango and arin-arin at the doors of each house. When the dances end, the tradition is for them to be given products, normally homemade food produce, such as eggs, pork products or cider.