Hondarribia - Irun

Procession of tinkers (caldereros) and of Iñude eta Artzaiak


desfile caldereros

February is a month full of festive events in Irun, many of which are typical of our region or our area, such as for instance, the Iñude eta Artzaiak procession, which is only held in 3 towns of Guipuzcoa or the rural carnival, typical of the region of Bidasoa.

Year after year, the tinkers are the first to reach our city from Hungary, to announce the start of the carnival festivities. In Irun, the tinkers’ procession goes through the streets of the city centre.
En Irun, a cargo de la sociedad Irungo Atsegiña, saldrá la comparsa de caldereros por las calles del centro de la ciudad.

After the tinkers (caldereros) come the wet nurses (nodrizas) who flood the streets of the centre of Irun, each one with their companion. Approximately 300 people, among dantzaris and extras, parade through the city to the rhythm of the marches of Raimundo Sarriegi.

Throughout the route, the procession carries out different performances at several points of the city, such us the visit to the doctor to check that their babies are healthy, the baby’s first vaccionation whilst the priest blesses them or the zortziko, a typical Basque dance offerend by the shepherds to the wet nurses.

The procession finishes when all the participants dance the fandango and the arin-arin (two typicial Basque dances) in the squares of San Juan Harria and Urdanibia.