Saint Pelayo Festivities


San Pelayo

The 25th of June, with the bang of a rocket marking the start of the Saint Pelayo festivities, Zarautz launches into one of its most popular fiestas.

This day take place the children´s drum parade at the evening and the adults´ drum parade at midnight and the next day, June 26th Saint Pelayo´s day, the giants and bigheads and groups of youngsters in identical costume fill the streets creating a fantastically festive atmosphere.

This Saint Pelayo´s day, another parade makes its way up to Iñurritza field to join the locals who flock there, while on the 27th the youngsters of marriageable age go from farmhouse to farmhouse with txistu flute and accordion players, collecting money for the following day’s lunch. This tradition is known as the “Oilasko Bilketa”.