New proposal for guided tours in Zarautz: “eco-walks” in family

Guided family visits to natural environments: Iñurritza Biotope and Zingira Forest

In order to promote the natural areas surrounding the municipality, the Zarautz Tourist Office, together with the company Deba Natura, has organised two guided tours of the Iñurritza Biotope and the Zingira Forest this summer to improve its position as a family tourism destination.

The visit to the Iñurritza Biotope will last two hours, and is complemented with information that helps to interpret the environment. On the other hand, the visit to the Zingira Forest will last two and a half hours and consists of a tour of the forest, in which in which the guide will explain the biodiversity of the forest. Both visits are free of charge and will take place in groups of up to 20 people. If the capacity of the visits is exceeded, two groups will be formed, one with instructions in Basque and the other in Spanish.

In order to participate, you must register in advance at the Tourist Office in Zarautz, by calling 943 830 990 or by sending an email to

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