Festivities of San Pedro and San Marcial in Irun

Within the festivities of the town of Gipuzkoa highlights the show of arms of San Marcial to be held on June 30

All of Irun is dyed red during the fiestas of San Pedro and San Marcial. Good atmosphere, music in the street, Alardens, pilgrimages, concerts…. nothing can be missed in these parties that start on June 22 and lengthen until July 1. A program that has 140 acts that highlight children’s attractions, which will become one of the references, located on alternate days in six neighborhoods of the city: Ventas, Behobia, Anzaran, Larreaundi, Anaka, and Belakoenea.

There will also be children’s shows, and performances for the whole family such as street theatre, dance performances, the classic giants and big heads, the traditional children’s painting contest, etc.

In the musical section, on 22nd Saturday the local group We and the band tribute to Abba will perform; On Sunday 23 the premises Left Hook opening in Tol Sarmiento (ETS); Finally the 28th will be the turn of flamenco Latino that will give way to Rosario. Thinking about the whole family, there is also an important block of children’s Theatre in the open air with circus shows. Two exits of giants and big heads are included in the program, on the 23rd and 28th with the three groups of the city. On the other hand, Luis Mariano’s posts will open to the public on June 14th and will remain open until July 1. As for the Txoznas of the Plaza Urdanibia, will be operational from 21 June to 1 July with the return of reusable vessels.