Zarautz , Orio, Aia, Getaria and Zumaia awarded in Fitur

IMG-20150129-WA0000The entity Urola Kosta composed of the cities of Gipuzkoa, Zarautz, Orio, Aia, Getaria and Zumaia, has received the award as first finalist in the category of best tourist destination SICTED 2014 granted by the Institute of Tourism of Spain – Turespaña and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces – FEMP.

This award gived during the celebration of the International Tourism Fair – Fitur 2015 in Madrid, is a recognition of the commitment for the tourist quality of this destination and, especially, to 76 tourist companies of the region that are taking part in the program of tourist quality driven by SICTED – Integrated Quality System for Tourist Destinations.

Another good news to begin 2015, that adds to the increase in visitors result of tourism promotion campaigns realized from the union organized by Urola Kosta and the tourist office in the region, but also for the success of blockbuster “Ocho apellidos vascos” shot in some locations of this region.

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