Weekend for everyone in Zarautz

Visita bodega txakoliZarautz gearing up for a weekend full of activities

On Friday, 16th of January, a dinner set by the bertsolaris Andoni Egaña and Sebastian Lizaso will be the opening for the festival that district of Urteta celebrates in honor to San Sebastián. Festivities will last until Sunday, January 25, with a full program of activities including concerts and traditional music, “hamaiketakos” (Basque typical lunch) with musical performances, exhibitions of rural sports and oxen pull competitions.

And for those who prefer a more relaxed plan, Zarautz also offers the possibility of enjoying, by appointment, guided tours of Talaiberri and Rezabal txakoli wineries, both belonging to the appellation of origin “Getariako Txakolina”. There you could visit the vineyards and know wine-making process.
Entertainment guide is completed by talks, exhibitions, concerts and, theatre for children, etc.
See pdf file with complete information:Zarautz Agenda

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