Traditional Raffle ‘San Anton Abad’

cartel_Rifa de San AntónThe next Saturday, January 17th at six pm, will be held at Town Hall of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain Square), San Antón traditional raffle. Half an hour later, there will be San Antón Txiki raffle, with chocolate pig for the winner school.

During the afternoon of Saturday, different celebrations around this traditional event will liven up the city. In the Spain Square will be chocolate made with fairtrade products and it will be time to dance ‘Dantza Plazan’. For those who prefer listening to dance, the Municipal Band of Bagpipers, and traditional basque flutes (txistularis) and accordions (trikitilaris) of the Municipal Academy of Folklore will animate the evening with their musical repertoire. Kids could also have fun with ‘Gargantua’, inflatables and the fire bull.

30,000 raffle tickets that are available from December 18 in different places of the city will get their prize this Saturday afternoon. It will raffle, among other gifts, a set of Iberian pig products and season tickets for the Principal Theatre. Receipts from the raffle will go to an old people’s home San Prudencio.

If you do not have raffle tickets yet, this year you could also buy them on wooden stand installed in the ‘Celedones de Oro’ Square until January 17.

San Anton Raffle Programme

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