San Sebastian vibrates with the “tamborrada” in his patron saint’s day

tamborradaAs every January 20, the day of San Sebastian festivity, the beating of drums and barrels will resonate through the streets of this beautiful city. This festival that goes back 1836, seems to have a carnival-like origin. The events in honor of its patron saint will begin at midnight on the 19th with the traditional flag raising and the opening of the expected “tamborrada” (drum parade) on behalf of the “Sociedad Gaztelubide” (gastronomic association) and the representatives from other 87 drumming parades.

The entire city takes part and enjoys the holiday, thanks to the drum parades that 128 companies organize for the different city districts. Members of this drumming parades are dressed as soldiers of War of Independence, chefs and water carriers.

On the 20th the festival continues, by the hand of the youngest that take part in the children’s tamborrada. The saint’s day festivity finishes at 24:00, by lowering of the city flag until the next year.

San Sebastian Festivity Programme

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