Come to Irun and Hondarribia to celebrate the World Wetlands Day

OrnitologiaWorld Wetlands Day is celebrated on 2nd February and The Txingudi marshes join the commemoration with a full program of activities for all ages.
Among the activities planned by the entity Txinbadia, we remark the activities organized in Plaiaundi Ecological Park – Txingudi Ekoetxea (Irun) for this weekend: the children’s workshop “Wetlands and their inhabitants”, guided visits to the wetland and projection of the documentary “Birds and their secrets” with a later colloquium. All free activities. Besides February 2 to March 15, you can visit the exhibition “Friends of Txingudi”
The program is completed by activities organized in French language by the Centre Permanent d’Initiatives pour L’Enviroment Litoral Basque in Hendaya, as the naturalist tours “Ornithological initiation in Jaitzubia (Hondarribia) and “Txingudi from the High: the origin of the estuary”, which develops between Hendaya and Hondarribia.
For full information see pdf file: WORL WETLANDS DAY PROGRAMME

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