Live the gastronomic experiences “De la huerta a la mesa” and “Miercoles de mercado y cocina” in Hondarribia and Irún.

De la huerta a la mesa‘De la huerta a la mes’a (From de vegetable garden to the table)

Fully participatory experience to be held in Irun on 15 and 16 December, in which attendees can learn firsthand the process of planting and cultivation of vegetable garden products, collect them and cook them later on a culinary workshop will conclude with a tasting.

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Miércoles de mercado y cocina (Market and cooking Day)  Gastroteka&Shop in Hondarribia.

On the 17th of December, you have the chance to visit the farmers market in Hondarribia and enjoy a traditional  “amaiketako ” on Danontzat Gastroteka in which you will taste culinary creations made with market products.

See pdf file with complete information:
Experiencias gastronómicas Hondarribia-Irun


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