Bilbao is already a city of design

Bilbao Shanghai 019_50_Bilbao InternacionalUnesco has joined Bilbao in its Creative Cities Network in the design section, next to Helsinki (Finland), Turin (Italy), Curitiba (Brazil) and Dundee (United Kingdom).

The organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Unesco, issued yesterday Bilbao’s joining to this select group of global cities (Berlin, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Shanghai, Montreal, Seoul, Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen, Saint Etienne and Grazz). This is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, projects and ultimately create jobs and strengthen city business, and also from the touristic point of view, it is an added motivation to visit it.

This designation is the work of the agency Bilbao Bizkaia Design & Creativity Council, sponsored by the City of Bilbao and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia with over 200 organizations and companies.

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