Zarautz celebrates Pintxos Astea and Pintxos Route

2014 03 - PINTXOASTEA2014 (3)


Zarautz held this Saturday March 29, 2014 Ardo Eguna in Musika Square at 12.00 hours, to sample from more than 15 kinds of wine, ham and cheese pintxos…

In addition, on days 1 and 3 April pintxos workshops were organized with Aiala Cooking School to learn to prepare three pintxos for the price of 15 €.







Ruta de Pintxos 2014_Zarautz


Zarautz also celebrates Route Pintxo with the participation of 19 bars each offering a delicious pintxo. Participants bars and its pintxos are:









  • Sakana: “Serrano” ham, green pepper, baby squid in batter and boiled king prawn served with bread.
  • Charly: Anchovy, jam, tuna and green and red pepper served on toast and topped with egg shavings.
  • Garaban: Small zucchini roll filled with ham and cheese with natural fried tomato and topped with fine threads of leek.
  • Itxas-Lur: Mushrooms in garlic with king prawns rolled in bacon and served on toast.
  • Napar Zahar: “Broken” fried egg with traditional mushrooms and prawns.
  • Txiki Polit: Skewered monkfish and king prawn with american sauce and txakokli (white wine).
  • Gau Txori: “Piquillo” red pepper, tuna cube and salted and fresh anchovy with vinaigrette served on toast.
  • Itur-Ondo: Anchovy served on toast with natural tomato and pepper vinaigrette.
  • Arkupe: Scrambled eggs with cubes of foie gras and forest mushrooms cooked in garlic and parsley.
  • Iruña: Cultivated mushroom with garlic and parsley vinaigrette, Emmental cheese with green pepper and anchovy.
  • Otamendi: Green chili pepper, anchovy, olive with olive oil served on a slice of bread.
  • Tivoli: Mushroom served on fried bread.
  • Naparrak: Poached cod with small seasonal vegetables.
  • Itxaso: Marinated pork loin, Edam cheese and green peppers served with bread.
  • Euskalduna: Iberian pork on a bed of thinly-sliced sautéed potatoes with apple compote and vegetable shavings.
  • Salbide: Small zucchini roll filled with Serrano ham, cheese, “Piquillo” red pepper and crystallized onion.
  • Itzala: Cream of mayonnaise and boiled crab surrounded by a rolled wafer of smoked salmon and threads of chatka crab meat, sprinkled with raspberry vinaigrette and served on toast.
  • Orbela: Anchovy in olive oil.
  • Alai: Fresh anchovy toast in basil oil served on crystallized tomato.


Each tapa, a sticker is required. Bringing together five units the coupon is delivered to the Office of Tourism Zarautz or sent by mail to participate in various raffles among participants throughout the year: Zarautz stays, dinners, etc…




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