Hondarribia “cooks ten hands” with Colombia during the second half of March

Hondarribia Colombia

The four Colombian chefs Antonuela Ariza, Luz Beatriz Vélez, Edgar Simmonds and Rafael Martínez offer in Hondarribia a vision of local cuisine from different regions of Colombia, its roots, traditional techniques and pampering for the product and the producer.


The initiative, called ‘Cooking ten hands’, will be held the second half of March 2014 and is driven by the Hospitality Association of Hondarribia in the context of the Forum of Heritage, which organizes Arma Plaza Foundation and the city of Hondarribia. Thus, the city began its journey to prove his candidacy for Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.


There will be six dinners at various restaurants in the city composed of four plates of Colombian chefs, one each, and another plate proposed by the host chef in Hondarribia.


The price of the dinner is 45 €, VAT included.


The restaurants and chefs participating are:

  • March 20. Gorka Txapartegi, of Alameda Restaurant.
  • March 21. Igor Fernández and Ibón Bustos, of Hotel Jaizkibel Restaurant.
  • March 22. Garikoitz Jara, of Hondar Restaurant.
  • March 27. Gorka Cepeda, of Arroka Berri Restaurant.
  • March 28. Natxo Gracia, of Abarka Restaurant.
  • March 29. Amaia Urdangarín, of restaurante of the txakoli cellar Hiruzta.

Mapa Hondarribia y Colombia

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