Zarautz celebrates Sagardo Eguna 2014 Saturday January 25

Sagardo Eguna 2014 Zarautz


Cider, pintxos of chop ox and music of txistus and bertsos will seize Zarautz this Saturday January 25 in the Sagardo Eguna 2014.


At 12.00 pm in Musika Plaza, cider and pintxos of chop ox tasting will be offered. In addition, the tribute to Maritxu Larra (Alameda Hotel) will be held and will feature music from txistularis ‘Goizeko Ihintza’ and bertsos for ‘Motxian bertso-eskola’.


To enjoy Sagardo Eguna has stipulated a price of 5 € for cider tasting a chop ox pintxo and a glass.


Meanwhile, also on Saturday, the Itxas-lur, Kirkilla Txiki Polit, Kulixka, Salbide, Egoki and Lagunak restaurants offer a menu for 22 € ribs and chop for 27 €.

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