V edition of the conference in Bilbao Basque Poetry 16 to September 20 in 2013


Between Monday 16 to Friday 20 of September 2013 is a new edition of the Days of Poetry in Bilbao Basque. All events will take place at 20.00 h at the BBK headquarters of Gran Vía, 19, entry is free until all places.

The group will be responsible Galatea release this new edition with a poetry of magic and eroticism, under the title of “Erotica In-verse”. Whose program is:

Monday 16th: Group Galatea, “Erotica In-verse”.

Tuesday 17th: a new musical-poetry reading Jon’s hand and GrupoBide Ertzean Benito, “Ez zaitut abandonatuko”.

Wednesday 18th: Crossing documentary Bilbao, texts by José Fernández de la Sota.

Thursday 19th: audiovisual concert performed by Carmen Isasi enriched with texts of the famous poet Pablo Gonzalez Langarika Bilbao.

Friday 20th: “Very graceful creature is Dulcinea” actress Tachia performance Quintanar, playing female poetry Teresa de Cepeda Anna Akhmatova, to Rosalia.

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