San Sebastián, best tourist city state

San Sebastián is for readers of Condé Nast Traveller U.S. magazine with editions in many countries specializing in travel and tourism, the best tourist city state. The number one on the Golden List 2013 in this category.

The capital of Gipuzkoa has competed with the other finalists: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Santiago de Compostela and has won the award. Meanwhile, New York was chosen as the best international city.

Readers have stressed “the spectacular bay of La Concha as one of the many delights of San Sebastian”, “cuisine, an art in the streets and squares of the old town and the cosmopolitan spirit which gives to serve as headquarters one of the most important film festivals in the world”.

Also, the Hotel Maria Cristina has been a finalist among the best hotels, “a notoriously complementing the presence Sebastian in this Gold List World Tourism”.

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