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The reconstruction of the Titanic, until February 19 in Bilbao

titanic-650x920-c-defaultThere are few days left for the Titanic to leave Bilbao. You are still in time to see the colossal model of one of the most famous ships in history and the port of embarkation of 12 meters in length, 4.5 in width and 3.9º in strut, performed at 1:30 scales.

Come to the exhibition at the Euskalduna Palace and be amazed by the largest model ever built, original elements of the ship (some of them of great historical value), recreations and exclusive images.

The life on the ship, the dramatic and emotional outcomes of April 15, 1912 in the North Atlantic, the different aspects of its construction and other details are exhibited in the thirteen thematic spaces of ‘Titanic: The Reconstruction’.

Here you can buy the tickets and plan your visit to Bilbao, loaded with cultural, gastronomic and leisure proposals. You deserve a break.

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